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Thermopompe Hayward Summit 90k BTU

by Hayward

Summit heat pumps from Hayward offer the highest savings, highest efficiency (BTU) and the ONLY "Ultra Gold" corrosion resistant finned evaporator offered in the industry for ultimate durability. Developing approximately 55 dB, Summit heat pumps are virtually silent from a few feet away.

All of our Summit heat pumps are verified and certified by AHRI and we only publish actual performance (BTUs).

Performance Reliability:

  • Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger: Provides superior chemical resistance while providing superior heat exchange. Titanium is also very resistant to rust.
  • The industry's only corrosion-resistant "Ultra Gold" finned evaporator; it offers extreme durability, especially in harsh environments.
  • Hot Gas Defrost: Unit continues to perform at temperatures as low as 10°C.
  • Uses R410A refrigerant for less damaging effects on the ozone layer.
  • Performance (BTU) certified by AHRI. Only actual performances are published.

Quiet Technology:

  • Sound Deadening Blanket: Minimizes sound level.
  • Streamlined Fan Blade: Ensures efficient airflow and quiet operation.
  • Enjoy your backyard without the noise: The quieter operation of a Hayward heat pump allows you to have a normal conversation in the serenity of your own backyard.

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