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GP 1.5hp Inground Pool Pump

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Discover the remarkable 1.5hp GP Pump specially designed for in-ground pools. This high performance pump offers a reliable and efficient solution to keep your pool clean, healthy and crystal clear all year round.

With 1.5 horsepower, the GP Pump is capable of handling large amounts of water with ease, ensuring optimal circulation in your in-ground pool. No matter the size of your pool, this pump is ready for the challenge.

The GP Pump is designed to replace popular pool pump models, such as Hayward's Super Pump and Pentair's Super Max. You can therefore be assured that it will meet the highest standards in terms of performance and reliability.

Installation of the GP Pump is simple and does not require advanced technical skills. It is compatible with most common piping systems for in-ground pools, making it easy to integrate into your existing installation.

The GP Pump is also equipped with an easily accessible pre-filtration basket, allowing debris to be captured before it reaches the main filtration system. This helps extend the life of your filtration system and reduce potential clogs.

This pump is designed to be durable and resistant to outdoor conditions. It is made with high quality materials and has a solid construction to ensure reliable performance and long life, even in the most demanding environments.

Give your inground pool the water circulation it needs with the GP 1.5hp Pump. Offering superior performance and compatibility with popular pool pump models, this pump is the ideal choice for in-ground pool owners looking for a reliable and powerful pump solution.


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