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Liquid Floc 1L

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1L Liquid Pool Flocculant is a premium quality product designed to help keep your pool water clear and crystal clear. This product is easy to use and achieves spectacular results in a short time.

The liquid pool flocculant works by grouping the fine particles suspended in the pool water, which facilitates their removal by the filter. This reduces water turbidity and improves water clarity. Liquid flocculant is also effective in removing organic particles and algae that can grow in pool water.

Liquid flocculant is easy to use. All you need to do is pour a small amount of product directly into the pool water. The product will then start working immediately. Within a few hours you will find that the particles suspended in the water begin to group together and settle to the bottom of the pool. You will then only need to vacuum the bottom of the pool to remove these particles.

Liquid pool flocculant is safe and effective for all types of pools, whether concrete, liner or fiberglass. It does not cause skin irritation and is compatible with all pool water treatment products.

Order the 1L liquid pool flocculant now and enjoy an effective solution to keep your pool water clear and crystal clear all season long.

Format 1L