Chlorine diffuser

Chlorine diffuser

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A chlorine diffuser is a device used to disperse chlorine in a controlled and regular way in the water of a swimming pool or a spa. Chlorine is a chemical commonly used as a sanitizing agent to kill bacteria, algae, and other contaminants in water.

The chlorine dispenser is usually a floating container or device that holds chlorine tablets or pebbles. These chlorine tablets are specially formulated to dissolve slowly in water, releasing chlorine continuously over an extended period.

When the chlorine diffuser is placed in the pool or spa, the water circulates around the diffuser, allowing the chlorine to gradually dissolve and spread throughout the pool. This ensures an even distribution of chlorine, helping to maintain a constant and effective level of disinfection.

Benefits of using a chlorine diffuser include:

  1. Uniform distribution: The diffuser allows the chlorine to be distributed evenly throughout the pool, thus avoiding dead zones where chlorine would not be effective.

  2. Dosage control: The chlorine tablets in the diffuser dissolve slowly, which helps maintain a constant chlorine level in the water. This facilitates precise control of the chlorine dosage in the pool.

  3. Ease of use: Chlorine diffusers are generally easy to install and maintain. Simply fill the diffuser with chlorine tablets and let it float in the water.

  4. Simplified maintenance: By using a chlorine diffuser, it is easier to maintain an adequate level of chlorine in the pool, which reduces the risk of algae and bacteria growth. This can reduce the frequency of maintenance tasks needed to keep the water clean.